Founded in 2001, by Award-Winning Lighting Designer, John Sapanaro, who set out to align his practice with proven methodologies to create a different experience for his clients. Lighting Elysium was founded upon the belief that lighting projects should not be categorically challenging, i.e., over budget, or lacking accountability, rather delivering knowledge, trust, anticipation, communication, transparency, and follow-through with prompt and courteous service. Lighting Design is one of the most important components of every building project. It is the life-force, without which, the project will fail. The results need to feel natural and unassuming. It is the Lighting Designer's job to incorporate lighting to enhance the space, without creating any discomfort to the visitor.

John playing handball with the team


Our Team

Our in-house designers have architectural and interior design backgrounds, which means we speak your language and understand your world. We always aim to support you in the design process through to project completion.

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John Brocken

Vice President / Design Director

Daniel BW.jpg

Daniel Maciel

3D Artist


Rachel Lefberg

Senior Lighting Designer


Dwayne Lallathin

Director of Construction


Leo Alessi

Managing Director

abassani BW.jpg

Amy Bassani

Senior Lighting Designer

Victoria BW.jpg

Victoria Rein

Associate Lighting Designer


Jennifer Reynoso

Executive Assistant

Lucia BW.jpg

Lucia Igartua

Senior Lighting Designer


Wendy Brito-Perez

Associate Lighting Designer

Julie BW 2.jpg

Julie Alonso

Executive Assistant

Francis BW.jpg

Francis Garcia

Senior Lighting Designer


Hannia Iommelli

Associate Lighting Designer

John Sapanaro

John Sapanaro

Founder & President

Laura 2 BW.jpg

Laura Lloreda

Vice President / Design Director

…we're a "team player," and your "trusted advisor."

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